If you are going away on holiday for the week /weekend or even just a day and don’t have people to care for your animals our service is just for you. Your dogs will need to be taken to the kennels which is located just near Cirencester.
Cost £19.50 per 24hr period. availability cannot be guaranteed due to high demand at certain times of year. booking in advance is always recommended.

All internal spaces fully heated, regularly cleaned, animals walked twice per day and well cared for. Comfortable bedding and accommodation is attached to our partner’s home, so your loved ones are always in good care. Our partner is NARPS registered, fully insured, and CRB checked.

Due to individual dietary needs we ask you provide your own food and treats.

The service is fully insured for your peace of mind
Please let us know if there are any medical conditions.

Day Care
Flexible to your requirements, your dog/dog will need to be taken to the day care centre just near Cirencester
£16.50 per day.

Dog Walking – this will be available in the near future.
To make a booking you will need to supply us with the dog breed, name, age, allergies, medical, your contact details inc. emergency contacts plus any other information you feel appropriate please call 01242 226600 or 07912 308430