Training School

Thinking of becoming a Dog Groomer?


Our Cheltenham based Salon offers an International Dog Training School for Canine Beauticians.


Live far away ? We will help you find accommodation while you are training

Canine Beautician Techniques.
General trimming for all breeds, including styling to Breed standard. Grooming for the pet owners preference. Bathing, drying to breed specification, nail and ear care.

Hand Stripping.
Handstripping of all terriers and hand stripped coats, the art of carding, also learning how to use the dogs coat to conceal his faults to the best advantage.

Grooming of all breeds, including only necessary trimming for show purposes.

First Aid and General Care
Cuts / abrasions dressings, anal gland, ear, eye care, Vomiting, diarrhoea, anatomy, teeth parasitic control, endoparasites, ectoparsites. and more…

Correspondence Course
We believe the only way to learn is hands on, so you will find 90% of your training is practical, the other 10% can be accomplished by home study theory work, of which you will be guided personally by the instructors. due to how the working salon runs on a day to day basis homework will be as and when we see you need it.

All Breeds Grooming
Hand Stripping
Show Preparation
Guidance on what to buy for your own salon for day to day running

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